Cauchemars / Nightmares

Apologies for the long timing in updates, but the past couple of months have been craaaazy! There was lots of traveling all over North America and Europe for work, photo shoots, and film work — so I apologize for the lack of updates and the staleness around here. Other than that, we have a severe problem, and I'm going to be fully upfront and transparent with you about it — you deserve nothing less.

We use Shopify for this website and store, and they're amazing not only in making everything work for a business, but also with their employees and their customer service. (I highly, highly recommend them.) However, the rest of our systems are run through a regular web hosting company, DreamHost, who I've used for well over a decade without any issues. Lately, they've made serious billing errors, kept credit card information they had no right or authorization to keep, made unauthorized charges that our bank formally declared fraudulent, and in retaliation for our bank's chargeback, have passed on that chargeback (plus an additional fee for each chargeback) onto the actual account in retaliation (they said as much in emails), and finally our account was frozen. For, this only affects email — but for the rest of the websites we host, even my own personal portfolios, blog, and other websites and domain names I own and operate, they've frozen them and are holding them hostage. Literally.

I've been working with our bank and our lawyers for several days trying to resolve this issue. I'd like to resolve it informally and amicably, but a few of those actions are illegal and my bank has the ultimate decision whether or not to pursue the illegal chargebacks and fees in criminal court. I just want all of my websites and domain names back and working on my new web hosting company, Media Temple. I especially want's email to begin working again, however, at the moment, it is not.

I cannot run a store — morally, ethically, and legally — without 24/7 guaranteed access to this website's email addresses, so that I can answer questions, customize orders, solve any issues that may come up, and communicate with you – the most important thing. I could technically come up with a half-working solution, but that wouldn't be fair to you.

This has already resulted in having to cancel two large (and extremely profitable) orders from a show of my work in Washington, D.C. And the downtime because of DreamHost has cost me in potential customers and orders. Most of all, if my shop isn't working efficiently, completely, and with one-on-one communication directly with me, I lose the most important asset a business has: your trust. For that, I apologize without reservation.

I will be keeping the store website online, but only with links to an about page, this blog, and a portfolio of my past, present, and future work. I have set up an alternate official email address to compliment our store's phone number, but all displays of products and the ability to use the store will be disabled until this problem has been completely fixed.

I only expect this to be an issue for a week — two at the very most. When we return, we will have many new products, your old favourites, new services and partnerships/collaborations, and a new look. But we'll be the same and splay ltd. in terms of our ethics and core values — we do what is right, we do what is just, we do all we can for our fellow citizens, and we operate for the greater good. And we're making damned good art.

I invite you to contact me personally by email if you have any questions or comments.

Thanks for making it all the way through this!

Merci beaucoup, thanks sooooo much!

Brian-Michel Larue


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