Mini books/zines!

(Blurred so I could cross-post the preview on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter without getting banned.)

So this is a preview copy of the mini poetry/photo/prose book/zine I'm going to be selling soon — at the NOLA Poetry Festival (April 20th-22nd) and at Festival International de la Louisiane in Lafayette (April 26th-April 30th). I'm only having very, very limited quantities produced, particular for each event, and then that's it, they'll be gone forever! Each event will also have exclusive content, too.

Beginning in May, I'll make them available to purchase here, also with exclusive content.

My goal in making these is to produce something inexpensive with the same photos as I would sell on here, along with some poetry and prose I've constantly been working on. Even though this is a business of publishing art (which funds my other projects), I want to make my printed work accessible to everyone, regardless of financial means. It's also a good way to experiment with structure, style, format, and aesthetics in my visual art and the written word.

If I'm not experimenting and having fun, then I'm doing all of this wrong.